Did you know that you can earn college credit just by attending Forestry Challenge? It’s true! Just by participating in one of our events, you are able to complete a course either through Lake Tahoe Community College, and now through Feather River College!

Feather River College

is offering a 1 unit course called Special Topics in Environmental Studies.  It is a semester unit.  It involves 9 hours of lecture time and 27 hours of lab time.  Six hours of lecture time are to be completed prior to the event (prep time with teammates and mentor forester) and the remainder is at the event.

If you prefer, you can watch a  on how to apply.

How to apply
YouTube video

Please use the application for the event you are attending:

Lake Tahoe Community College

is offering a 1 unit course called Forestry Challenge Internship.  It is a quarter unit and is a work experience course.  More information will follow soon.