We thought this page would help you most efficiently if it was organized as a checklist with links to items you will need as you work through the participation process.

  1. File fieldtrip request paperwork with your district, using information from the site address document and event flyer. If necessary, you can use 2019’s Teacher Evaluation Form Summary to make the case for participation with your administration.
  2. Plan a recruiting meeting for students to gauge interest using this notice for the school bulletin.
  3. At the recruiting meeting, use the website to explain the program. Useful items on the website are the TV News story, a 1-minute intro video, a sample schedule, and What Happens at Forestry Challenge. The 2021 Info page also has basic information, including Forestry Challenge rules, a suggested packing list, and directions to the event site.
  4. Contact parents and share the parent page and parent letter with them, which provides parent-relevant information about the Forestry Challenge. Ask them to complete and return the age appropriate release form for their student.
  5. We are asking that you complete the adult release form so we have your insurance information.
  6. Use the student page for your study sessions. For information on purchasing your own set of tools, see our recommended tools list.
  7. Payment is due upon arrival to the event. Once you have a final headcount, please fill out the fee calculator, which can be used as an invoice and is linked above.
  8. Checks should be made payable to Forestry Educators Incorporated (FEI). If parents are paying with individual checks, we’d prefer that you collect the money through one account and submit one single check for payment.
  9. Still have questions? Contact us anytime!