Forestry Challenge Forestry and Wildfire Video Contest

In partnership with Next Vista for Learning, the Forestry Challenge is proud to announce our Video Contest!

We are asking you to take a wildfire-related topic you learn as part of the Forestry Challenge, and creatively explain it in a 60-90 second video. You are encouraged to record your footage at a Forestry Challenge event. Remember that there are many kinds of videos; you can, but don’t need to appear on the screen. The top videos will win prizes from the Forestry Challenge and/or from its partner, Next Vista for Learning, in the Creative Storm ’22 video contest.

Here is an example video Chris made to demonstrate what we are looking for.

The full list of rules for the video contest can be found here, as part of the Creative Storm ’22 Video Contest.

Here is our Flier with an overview of what you need to do.

In addition to these rules, to be part of the Forestry Challenge Video Contest, a subset within the Creative Storm ’22 Video Contest, we ask a few extra things of you.

  • Please introduce yourself as “Hi, I’m <First name only> with the Forestry Challenge.” Please do not say your last name or school, we want to protect your privacy.
  • Please wear your Forestry Challenge tee-shirt if you appear in the video.
  • Please end your video with a 5 second end screen featuring the Forestry Challenge Logo. The logo file and a premade end card can be found below.

Some suggested topics for you to make a video about:

  • The Fire Triangle
  • Ladder Fuels
  • Fire Behavior
  • Prescribed vs Wild Fires
  • Different Types of Fuel Breaks

Be creative, but think about wildfires. What have you learned that you can teach in 90 seconds?

Forestry Challenge Logo in black

Forestry Challenge Logo in white

Premade End Card