Hello Parents!

Thank you for your interest in the California Forestry Challenge.  The Forestry Challenge is a competitive forestry event for high school students with three goals:

  • Your child will learn the basics of the science of forestry, and understand how math and science taught on campus apply to the “real world “.
  • Your child will explore career options by meeting foresters and a variety of other professionals in the natural resources field, some of whom are just out of college and not too many years older than your child.
  • Your child will enjoy some outdoor recreation, to help them develop an appreciation for the forest, even if he/she is not interested in a career in this field. Outdoor activities might include a night hike, zip line, or ropes course, depending on what is available at the host facility.

The Sequoia event will be Wednesday through Saturday, October 11 to 14, at Quaker Meadow Camp, about an hour’s drive east of Porterville on Highway 190.  Your child will be away from campus for two school days, a Thursday and a Friday.  While being off campus presents a challenge to keep up with missed classroom time and homework, this unique opportunity is worth it, based on the growth of the program over the years and the positive feedback from students and teachers.

Your child will be supervised at all times by their teacher, other teachers and chaperones, and event volunteers.  At least one adult is assigned to each cabins, with bath houses a short walk away.  All educational and social activities are conducted in a safe and fun environment.  In the case of a medical emergency, there is a registered nurse on staff who has advanced training in outdoor emergency care.

To learn more about the Forestry Challenge, take a look around this website, where you will find a sample schedule, rules, and information about Quaker Meadow Camp.  On the bottom of the What is Forestry Challenge page there is a link to a TV news report, which is a good 2-minute explanation of the Forestry Challenge program.  Video slide shows of all 2016 events are linked on the 2016 Summary pages.

Please note that the registration fee is $150 per person, which the teacher is responsible for getting to us 12 days prior to the event.  This fee covers food, lodging for three nights, and an event t-shirt.  If your child’s teacher pre registered before May 31, 2017, there will be a 30% discount on the fee.  If you and/or the school are unable to pay the fee, your school can request assistance.  No one has ever been prevented from attending because they did not have the funds.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at dianedealeyneill@gmail.com or call me at (530) 417-1960.


Diane Dealey Neill

Forestry Challenge Founder and Coordinator