An undergraduate education from any of the forestry and natural resource programs below can be followed by graduate education at the Masters and Ph.D. levels. Careers in forestry and natural resources can lead to senior-level positions in industry, government, research, nonprofit organizations, utilities, real estate, investment firms, professorial positions at universities, and more. For information on university-level education programs visit:

Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, Natural Resources Management Department
Humboldt State University, Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources
Oregon State University, College of Forestry
University of California, Berkeley, College of Natural Resources
University of Nevada, Reno, Forest Management and Ecology
Northern Arizona University, College of Forestry

Informed technician-level graduates are critically important to sustainable forest management. In addition to the university level programs listed above, there are several 2-year technical forestry programs.

Reedley College, Forestry and Natural Resources
Shasta College, Natural Resources and Forestry Science
Columbia College, Forestry and Natural Resources
Citrus College, Forestry and Wildland Resources
College of the Redwoods, Forestry and Natural Resources