Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there anything I need to do over the summer?

Answer: No!  Once you have pre-registered, there is really nothing you need to do over the summer. If you want to start thinking ahead, you could start fundraising (see separate item about that), advise students to look at the website (also addressed here), and even submit the request for a fieldtrip to your administration but, truly, all of that can wait until school starts again. You all work hard, so I hope you have a relaxing and fun break.

Question: How many chaperones do I need to bring?

Answer: If you have 6 or fewer students, you will probably not need to bring an additional chaperone. For groups larger than 6 students, please plan on an additional chaperone. Once we get final numbers, and if you let me know that you are having a hard time finding one, we may need only one chaperone from your school if we have enough adults to put one in each cabin. But we won’t know that until 10 days prior to the start of the event, so all of you should make every effort to have that person identified and ready to go.

Question: Will the Forestry Challenge help us fundraise?

Answer: The good news is that, by pre-registering before May 31, we have already subsidized your registration fees in the amount of 30%. There are fundraising ideas, including a sample fundraising letter, linked on the “For Teachers” pages of the website. If you start fundraising when school starts, you should be successful in raising the fees in time to get them to us 10 days prior to the start of the event. However, if you are still coming up short, I may be able to help you identify potential sponsors in your area.

Question: Do you have any ideas for recruiting students?

Answer: If you would like to make this opportunity open to all students at your school, not just ones in your classes, I would suggest having an informational meeting during lunch. A sample blurb for the school bulletin is linked on the “For Teachers” pages. To recruit the students in your classes, that page has links to suggested pages to show students, to get them energized and ready to commit.

Question: Do the students need to prepare and, if so, how do they do that?

Answer: Preparation is not absolutely necessary but is highly recommended. A list of topics students will be learning at the event and links to explain those topics are contained on the “For Students” pages of the website. Much of the content on the pages will remain the same as in 2016, and changes specific to 2017 will be finalized by the middle of August. Many teachers organize a regular meeting time at lunch or after school to go over the topics and prepare for the event. If your students do not prepare, not to worry, we will at least train students on the use of forestry tools at the event. The training focuses on hands-on skills that are hard to teach in a classroom, and is not a complete review of what will be tested.

Question: I do not have forestry expertise. Is there anyone who can help my students prepare?

Answer: Yes! On your pre-registration form, we asked if you would like a forester to visit your school. For those of you who requested a forester and don’t already have one, I will be working over the summer to recruit a forester in your area. I will send an introductory email to you and the forester at the beginning of August. Once matched, it will be up to you and your forester to arrange a time for him/her to visit campus. I will be telling the foresters that they will need to make one visit, but hopefully they will be able to visit more than once if you would like.