2018 El Dorado Summary

El Dorado Forestry Challenge – October 24 to 27, 2018 Leoni Meadows Camp 2018 Event Program | 2018 Focus Topic Question | 2018 Presentation Scoresheet 2018 Slideshow | 2018 Student Evaluations  |  2018 Teacher Evaluations Highest Scoring Presentation It doesn’t get more real than the fieldwork conducted by the 126 students and teachers who participated

2018 El Dorado Registration Fee Calculator and Invoice

Thank you for registering your school to participate in the 2018 El Dorado Forestry Challenge. Please use the Registration Fee Calculator form below to calculate your school’s registration fees, which are to be brought to the event and turned in at event registration.  A copy of the form will be emailed to you when you hit

For El Dorado Teachers

NOTICE: ALL INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS FOR THE 2019 EVENT Teachers: We thought this page would help you most efficiently if it was organized as a checklist with links to items you will need as you work through the participation process. File fieldtrip request paperwork with your district, using information from the site address

For El Dorado Parents

Hello Parents! Thank you for your interest in the Forestry Challenge.  The Forestry Challenge is a competitive forestry event for high school students with three goals: Your child will learn the basics of the science of forestry, and understand how math and science taught on campus apply to the “real world “. Your child will

For El Dorado Students

NOTICE: ALL INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE IS FOR THE 2019 EVENT Hello Students!  Here are a few notes about technology for the 2019 El Dorado Forestry Challenge. Each team should bring one laptop to use for presentation prep.  PCs are preferred.  More than one laptop per team is allowed, but not necessary. Your laptop must