At this point, we suggest you decide which event you’d like to attend and focus on completing the pre-registration form. You do not really need to start recruiting students or contacting parents, but information is available on the student and parent pages for returning students and people who like to plan ahead.

Here are some resources you can look at to decide if you’d like to pre-register:

  1. Not sure if you want to dive in? See what last year’s teachers had to say on the Teacher Evaluation Form Summary.
  2. The 2019 Info page has basic information, including Forestry Challenge rules, sample schedule, and directions to the event site.
  3. Do you want to gauge student interest to make sure you can pull together one or more teams? Plan a recruiting meeting for students to gauge interest using this notice for the school bulletin.
  4. At the recruiting meeting, use the website to explain the program. Useful items on the website are the TV News story, a 1-minute intro video, a sample schedule, and What Happens at Forestry Challenge.
  5. Still have questions? Contact us anytime!